The Red bean porridge

Myoshin Red Bean porridge to celebrate the spring Party hands
Celebrating the spring in red bean porridge

This year was only a few more.We are preparing for the year-end cleaning of the house.
It is a guide of a little early New Year’s event at this time with a lot of events of the year end.

From January 15 to 31, you can enjoy the festive and azuki porridge of the first year in Kyoto Myoshin, a privately held Donglin clinic.The red bean porridge is to be evil for one year when eating in the new year, and excluding all.There is no need to reserve the rice porridge in advance.

Donglin is known as the Temple of Saul.The white flower in the Heike story is a beautiful temple blooming in the garden.
Please go out to the celebration of the Kyoto like the spring.

  • Dates: January 15-31, 11:00-15:00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • No need to apply
  • Introduction of Donglin Academy
    It is one of the temples of Zen Temple and Myoshin which represents Kyoto.It is open to the public, such as the Shukubo experience, so as to get in full-fledged Zen.”The celebration of the spring in the red bean Porridge” is a special event that I would like to recommend especially for those who have never gotten vegetarian food.
  • Cost
    From “Kyoto” to “Donglin” to 490 yen one way
    One-way 190 yen from “House Aqua” to “Donglin”
    Admission + vegetarian Food ¥ 3,800
  • Model course of the day
    9:00 “Kyoto” departure → moving by train and Bus → 9:45 Myoshin → Temple visit → 11:00 Donglin Hospital
    9:00 “The house Aqua” departs → by train → 9:45 Myoshin → Temple visit → 11:00 Donglin Academy
  • From the Kyoto House to the Donglin Academy
  • From “House Aqua” to “Donglin Academy”

You do not need to apply for this event.
If you have not booked your stay, please make a reservation.
If you have not booked your stay
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Telephone Reservations and inquiries
House General reservation 075-533-3310 (8:30-14:30 | 16:00-21:00)
Photo: Azuki Porridge
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