2014 Family Photo 093
The gleaming Nara event, which mobilized 426,000 people last year, begins soon.

The proverb says, “Any jewel will not glow if it is not illuminated.” To illuminate others is to illuminate ourselves.

□ Photo: Nara Ruri Kai (Ruri)

  • Date: February 8 (Thu)-February 14 (Wed), 18:00-21
  • Time: 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • No need to apply
  • Introduction of Ruri Kai
  • Three World Heritage Sites (Todaiji temple, Kofuku and Kasuga Taisha) were lighted up, and the vast grounds, including the Nara Park, are walking around corridor.During the event, the lantern of the Kasuga Taisha shrine will be lit, and the front door of the Tokyo Temple and Buddha’s face is opened, and the National Museum is open at night.
  • Free of charge
  • A 13-minute walk from the town of the house
  • Model course of the day
  • 18:00 “Town If you are a house” depart → 13 mins → Ruri Kai Hall
  • Location Nara Park and more
  • Ruri Kai Official website

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