Traveling to “Kojiki” world, Kamigamo Shrine


Kamigamo Shrine

100 years Japanese traditional architectures, HARUYA are proposing a journey on the theme of “Kojiki” book, Japan mytholozy. Kamigamo Shrine, a historical shrine that has been around for thousands of years in Kyoto. Many events are held throughout the year, such as the “Aoi Matsuri”, one of the three major festivals in Kyoto.

Kamigamo Shrine

The official name, Kamo Wake Ikazuchi Shrine. “Kamo” means “Kami” in Japanese Shinto way. “Wake” means divide, and “Ikazuchi” means thunder in Japanese language. So, “Kamo Wake Ikazuchi” means the Kami who has the strong power for dividing even thunder. Together with Shimogamo Shrine, it is said to protect Heiankyo, the ancient capital of Japan.

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