HARUYA Morning Porridge ‘Cha Gayu’




HARUYA Morning Porridge ‘Cha Gayu’


100 years Japanese traditional architecture, HARUYA offers the opportunity to be familiar with Japanese culture through Japanese staple foods ‘rice’. Delivered from HARUYA own rice field, with salt for Ise Jingu, tasting grace of rich four seasons of Japan, HARUYA Morning Porridge is for you.

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Cha Gayu (茶粥)

‘Cha’ means ‘tea’, and ‘Gayu’ means ‘porridge’ in Japanese language. So ‘Cha Gayu’ means ‘Japanese tea porridge’. Cha Gayu is one of Nara’s specialty foods. Kyoto’s ‘Uji tea’ and Nara’s ‘Yamato tea’ are both well known throughout Japan. A famous ‘Tea Ceremony’ was born in Nara and developed in Kyoto. Please enjoy a peaceful moment warming your body and mind gently.

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