“Touch NIPPON Tourism”, Morning Worship to shrine

Posted by はる家 on 2019-10-05 in KOJIKI Trip


Early morning visit to the monthly festival

“Touch NIPPON Tourism in Nara” is an opportunity we can visit Nara’s fascinating traditional culture from the 120-year-old architecture “HARUYA Naramachi”. On the 1st and 15th of every month, we worship with guests at the “Monthly Festival” held at the local shrine. In Kyoto, we will guide to “Heian Jingu”, and in Nara, we visit “Goryo Shrine”.

In “Touch NIPPON Tourism”, HARUYA will guide guests to what HARUYA are exactly doing to attract Japanese traditional culture to daily life. Start to reserve is scheduled for late November, including detailed information such as the schedule and fees for “Touch NIPPON Tourism in NARA, early morning visit to shrine monthly festival)”. Please visit this opportunity. We, all the HARUYA staff look forward to seeing.

はる家 総合予約 075-533-3310(8:30-14:30|16:00-21:00)