[Touch NIPPON Tourism]Beginning with a greeting, Worship at Mount Atago

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Invitation to Atago Shrine

An old man said “Fire needs modesty.”
HARUYA staff show you to the classic kitchens in Kyoto.



Beginning with a greeting, Worship at Mount Atago

(HARUYA Umekoji)


Atago mountain, in Kyoto City.
Since ancient times, it has been said that there is a KAMI on the mountain. Atago shrine on the top of this mountain has been worshiped as a KAMI for fire prevention.
The worship begins with a bow to KAMI in front of Torii gate.


This mountain with an altitude of 924m has steep slopes and narrow roads, and we can closely feel nature.
On the way, we pass by people those who already worshiped and come down the mountain.
Usually when we pass each other in the mountains, we say “Konnichiwa (Hello).” but in the Atago mountain, people say “Onoboriyasu (Easy to climb)” and “Okuradariyasu (Easy to leave)”.
To support those who are worshiping by those who are going down the mountain “Onoboriyasu (Easy to climb)”. Because of this concern, we feel easy to move forward even on the tough mountain roads.




We finally greet KAMI at the top of the mountain. We will be given a famous bill of Atago shrine, and after lunch go down the mountain.

Say hello to each other while climbing, and slowly walk down the mountain path while encouraging each other.
Finally, we pass through the Torii gate and make a bow to thank KAMI for the safe climbing this time.

Start with a greeting and end with a greeting.
I am really looking forward to showing this precious experience that we can recognize Japan tradition closer.

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HARUYA Umekoji

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