6 nights, 7 nights.

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In the top 30 “popular Japan tourist attractions in 2017,” said TripAdvisor, Nara Park is ranked 11th and Todaiji Temple ranks fifth.

/cross-partial Model Course

  • Day 1: After arrival, walk around town.I was intoxicated by the sunset from the February Hall.
  • Day 2: Participated in the morning worship of Kasuga Taisha shrine.
    The five World Heritage sites are on foot while visiting the temple of the Todaiji Auditorium, which also learned the most.
  • Day 3: A mountain stream trek while being watched by the stone Buddha Group 900 years ago.
  • Day 4: Pottery experience in Akahada pottery while taking private lessons of traditional craftsmen.
  • Day 5: The sacred Land of sake, the Manyo hike that connects three-wheeled mountain.Tasting enjoy.
  • Day 6: Reunite with the Ashura statue at the National Treasure Museum in the World Heritage Kofuku.
  • Day 7:10 minutes walk.Participated in morning work at the National Treasure Temple.

* You may need to make a reservation in advance.

With the concept of “best everyday”, we aim to stay in the house for six nights and seven nights.You can choose from a dormitory, a private private room by the number of guests, so that you can enjoy your trip with a couple of friends or family.

□ Photo: Early morning Kofuku Pagoda

/cross-partial Reservations and Inquiries
Official website of the house: http://www.yado-haruya.com
House General Reservation: 075-533-3310

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