Rank 46, Nara.

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Not?Is that true?」

“Japan has a small number of guests in Nara Prefecture.Most of them are amazed.

It’s impossible.
This is such a wonderful place.
I’ll be coming soon.

Japan One, the fact that there is an exaggeration, 46 in 47 prefectures (* 1), but since 2007, it is in the lowest or 46th position all the way.* 1: Statistics of tourism agency, 2016

Nara conveys about one-third of the national treasures.Nara is the land of the beginning of Japan.I think it’s the Japan shame in 46th place.I don’t want to be the first place.I think in the 20th place, and, in my mind, first, next year in the 45th place.

Haruya Hostels

□ Photo: Town Chigusa Japanese style house

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