New Year’s Greetings

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Happy New Year to you.
Thank you for your Happy New Year, and I would like to express my pleasure.

Now, in the spring of Aratama, I can’t help but wonder if there are some things that will last for many years and some of them will finish their lives without waiting for the next spring.
When we think of the so-called eternal life, the perpetual prosperity, and the full of Ohira, I think how to maintain a fresh and well-established life.

“There is no need to start, well done Sukunashi (of)”

When the step was successful, maintaining and developing it is actually a difficult thing to do more than a step, but often, the arrogance arises, becomes lazy, the protection is stood ahead, it becomes convention, and the life is clog.

Only the person who always frog to the beginner will break the mind to a small place on the base, originates the greeting which applies to the truth, keep the Setsuji, defend the conscience, the reflection, and the ideal of man, and develop the succession well by nurturing oneself.I want to be a group of such people, “The house” is also a remembrance.

I would like to thank you for your patronage with the eyes of the strict guidance that will not change this year.

While lastly, we would like to wish you all the more hope, health, and happiness, and we will greet you in the new year.恐惶 Shing

The year of Heisei 30
Yuki Kobayashi, representative of the House

□ Photo-rope Kasuga Wakamiya Nara

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