New Year’s Sale

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The New Year’s Sale is now held. It’s up to 75% of the regular price and will be held for New Year’s stay.

  • Start of Sale: January 3 (Wed) 18:00 ~
  • End of Sale: January 14 (Sun) ~ 16:00
  • Period: January 4 (Thu)-January 14 (Sun)
  • Facilities: All “HARUYA Hostels”

Different from ordinary holidays, New Year’s Day is a condensed culture fostered by the Japanese.The New Year’s Eve Bell, the year-end cleaning, OTOSO, OSECHI, KAGAMI-MOCHI. In the shrine, EMA, ETO, OMIKUJI. Every pieces has a warm though and a story inside it, and it is enough that a book is written in ‘Japanese New Year ‘.

New Year’s Day is 15 days.
Even after the crowds in the new Year’s holiday, Kyoto and Nara are very rich in events. After a visit to the shrine, you can quietly visit museum or museum and temples in a calm mood.

If you have already visited the shrine, don’t worry. God does not fight. If possible, in consecutive nights. Take advantage of this opportunity for 3 nights stay at a maximum of 2 nights price.

□ Photo: 40-minute walk from HARUYA Hostels Naramachi

Main events held during the first sale period

□ Kyoto Official Site “Kyoto tourism Navi”
Japanese version
□ Nara official Site “Nara City Tourism Association site”
Japanese version

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