You and I are Buddha.

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There is also a very famous tower in Nara, which was described as "frozen music."
Yakushiji World Heritage Site.The east tower, which was built about 1,300 years ago, has now been dismantled and repaired.

It enters the class of the oldest wooden building in the world as well as the law Takashi Temple, and the "tile" put on after the repair of this east tower can do the name and one character Sutra now.

There was a method of donation from the general enterprise and the subsidy from the government, and I want to revive it by the donations by Sutra.In front of the eyes, many of the current Yakushiji buildings have been rebuilt by over a million sutra over the course of decades.

In Buddhism, like the god of Shinto 8 million (or moreover), there is the word "the grass and the tree all are Buddha" in the meaning "getting verbosity Shikkai Jobutsu.You and I are Buddha.It is also known that the Inner Buddha is aware of it.Buddhism or Buddha is like a distant story with me, it seems to be sober, and to be able to think "my character is recorded" Every time the tower of Yakushiji is projected on the television and the Internet on the edge of the tile character's sutra, and seem to be a goody familiar one.Please come and visit our conscious journey to discover the inner Buddha.

    • Admission Time 8:30-16:30
    • Time to 15 minutes
    • No need to apply
    • Introduction of "Sutra to Tiles"
      I choose a character from Sutra and write it to the tile.First of all, it is an opportunity to get from one character to Sutra teachings.It is used as a tile of the tower to carry out, and it is recorded for several hundred years until the next repair.
    • See Yakushiji official web site
    • Cost Admission Adult ¥ 800
      Tile character Sutra 1,000 yen
    • Travel one way 350 yen from the town to the "Yakushiji parking lot"
    • Model course of the day

11:00 "Town If you are a house" → 15 minutes walk → Jr Nara station → 17 minutes → 11:45 Yakushiji → Temple visit → 12:00 Tile character Sutra

  • Place World Heritage, Yakushiji

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