Winter Sales Price

Posted by はる家 on 2018-01-20 in HARUYA

The limited sales of the winter are starting to be available at a discounted rate of up to 45%.
In addition, you can use the official website to make a reservation from the official web site, such as a free upgrade according to availability.

"Isn't there anything interesting in the winter?」
-No.Kyoto has one-third of the national treasures.Nara having one third of the rest.A lot of people are returning to taste the Buddha's visit in the vacant winter.

"Then why are there so few people?」
The main reason is that they go skiing with hot springs and crabs.However, it is a good thing, and please experience it by all means because it is a hot spring, a crab, and skiing.The discount rate of "house" is overwhelming enough to stay with the remaining money afterwards.

The rest is only Shiri of time.Any "house" is in a good location where you can easily go and quickly return.We look forward to welcoming you.
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