Extra ordinal nature

Daitokuji with many secret fans who come to Kyoto many times.
It is not a gorgeous atmosphere like Kiyomizu-dera or Kinkakuji but step into a well-kept grounds and sucking air, it is a temple that always makes us feel extra ordinal nature.

It is a wonderful place of Daitoku-ji because many famous gardens. One of them “Daisenin garden” is mentioned as the ideal way of the KAREANSUI garden from 1000years ago.

The spirit of Zen for children, there is a spring holiday summer vacation Zen temple experience in March and August.

  • Charge The precinct is open to the public
  • Model Course of the day
  • 8:00 HARUYA Umekouji → Bus 40min → Daitokuji
  • Place Daitokuji Kyoto

□Photo: Daitokuji


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