Kyoto ranked the 1st. Nara is the 2nd.

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In the prefectural rankings for the number of Japanese National Treasures, the first place is Kyoto (233 points). The second is Nara (202 points)*.
About one third of the Japanese national treasure is in Kyoto, about one third is in Nara, and about other one third is scattered all over the country.

In order to see all over Japan, our life is too short and the cost is too much.
Just by visiting Kyoto and Nara, we could see twice of all over Japan.

It is really wasteful if you only visit Kyoto.
People who were impressed in Kyoto will be doubling their lives by moving for just another 45 minutes.

*Excluding 280 national treasures in Tokyo, most of which are in the museums and museums.
*Source:Statistics As of March 1, 2018
文化庁・国宝・重要文化財都道府県別指定件数一覧 平成30年3月1日現在


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