Japanese language “OKAERI NASAI”

Posted by はる家 on 2018-04-27 in HARUYA


It is a story of some Japanese language, which is not in English.

When expressing it in English, it may be translated as “Welcome back” or “Welcome home”, but we know that English speakers usually do not say so. When someone come back home, “Hey.” “Hello.” “HI.” is enough, but the Japanese people say “OKAERINASAI” every time.

What a Japanese custom! Actually, there are two sentence, “OKAERI” and “NASAI”, in one word “OKAERINASAI”. For Japanese people, this custom is too ordinary things  to make much awareness, but for foreigners it is very attractive greetings even though it is very much difficult to understand.

In HARUYA, the staff will add “Welcome back” or “Welcome home” after “OKAERINASAI” when the guests come back to the accomodation.  If you have interest, please ask the staff “What did you say now?”. We hope it has become a good opportunity for deep understanding of Japanese culture.

□ Picture: HARUYA Naramachi

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