Japan Wooden Building

Posted by はる家 on 2018-06-25 in HARUYA

“Look, the tiles are falling.」

There is a scene that is made by television so that you may say by all means after a big earthquake.It seems to be reflected looking for the place where the tile has fallen purposely.

On the other hand, the pagoda of Kyoto’s national treasures and Toji is not Vic, and is a five-storied pagoda in Nara.The five-storied pagoda of the world’s oldest wooden building and Horyuji temple, built in Suiko 15 years (607 years), stands for more than 1,000 years, but the splendid figure is not reported.

Japan is a wooden building proud of the world.Of course, there is a building which collapses, too, and there is a building which stands dignified still after many earthquakes.Japan wooden buildings, which are built in a completely different method than the seismic standards of today, are originally strong for earthquakes.Learn More
“Horyuji Temple-the oldest wooden building in the world-how Japanese people have made structures”

Japan was defeated in the war ahead fought by making full use of the Riki of the civilization.But we will not lose our cultural pride and confidence.There is no damage to the Machiya house, we welcome you today.

□ Photo: Toji Pagoda Shooting Date: June 24, 30

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