SONI Plateau


“SONI plateau” which has been loved for many years as a scene of the fall of Nara.

Walking around the field of autumn awakens is crowded with many people regardless of family, couples, trip alone.



The walking path along the ridge is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced classes, and you can choose the course that suits yourself.


We can also organize guided tours. We can receive advice on the best course and support for climbing up and down the rocky places in some places. (Private guide: about 8,000 yen a day)

The official homepage of “Soni Village Tourism Association” on guides is here ▽


Warm up your body with hot spring “Okame no yu(お亀の湯)” and have lunch and dinner after healing tiredness. Along with Nara’s only local beer “Soni Kougen Beer”.

“Okame no yu” Official website is here ▽


  • Required time 60min
  • No application required
  • Introduction of Soni Kougen Plateau
    Soni Village is a member of the Union of “the most beautiful village in Japan”. Not only the autumn season but also summer is recommended. Combine with Isonokami Jingu, Omiwa Shrine, Hase Temple and so on, rent a car is recommended.
    ▽”The most beautiful village in Japan ” official website is here
    ▽Here is the official website of “Soni Plateau”
    ▽Rent a car (“HARUYA Naramachi” 10 minutes on foot) Official website is here
  • Free of charge
  • Model Course of the day
    8:30 HARUYA Naramachi →Car 90min→ 10:00 Soni Plateau
  • How to go from HARUYA Naramachi to Soni Plateau