Kamogawa River’s snow makeup


In Japanese language, there is a beautiful word “雪化粧(Yuki Geshou)” which means “snow makeup”.
It looks different, just as snow is piled up.


Besides the famous the Golden Pavilion, Kinkakuji snowy landscape, we also recommend walking around Kamogawa river.


Snow is piled up in Kyoto about 10 days in a year. Even if it is piled up in the morning, most of it melts in the daytime.


If you wake up in the morning and have snow piled up, please hurriedly go out with a camera.


It is a special time that can only be seen during late December to late February.


There is a famous children’s song called “snow” in Japan. “Yuki Ya Kon Kon, Arare Ya Kon Kon, Futtemo Futtemo Mada Furiyamazu”
We are glad to have fun.


  • Period: late 12 to late February From sunrise until noon
  • Free of charge
  • Model Course of the day
    9:00 HARUYA Higashiyama → 10min walk → Kamogawa river
    9:00 HARUYA Umekouji → 10 min bicycle → Kamogawa river
  • How to go from HARUYA Higashiyama to Kamogawa river
  • How to go from HARUYA Umekouji to Kamogawa river

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