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Posted by はる家 on 2018-12-15 in HARUYA

In order to recommend it to people, first of all from ourselves.
A classical study group regularly held by HARUYA. The theme of this time was “Monk! No! (In Japanese words ‘Bouzu Mekuri'”.

There are many people who have never “Monk! No!”, so first, “Let’s do it!”

Activities we can experience at HARUYA” will use the original “Hyakuninissyu”, “HAURYA” reprinted of the Meiji Era. (This workshop uses “Kourin Karuta”)


■Characteristics of “Monk! No!” of HARUYA
・Syo(書):We are familiar with Japanese letters that have raised mere characters to “art”.
・Waka(和歌):It is naturally touched on the unique literature of Japan which is read aloud to only 31 letters of Yamato language only.
・Bouzu Mekuri(坊主めくり):You can see a brief Japanese expression of religion in this word.


The target age of “Shu-Turning” is about 3 years old.

In “Waka” written, skillful techniques such as religion, curiosity, pillow and season word are written in only 31 letters.

■Attractiveness of “Monk! No!” by HARUYA
The irresistible gap between ancient “Hyakuninissyu”, which is originally extremely difficult and innocent depth, and a sort of bright stupidity of “Monk! No!” is attractive.

It would not be tolerable for Christian pastors and Muslim leaders to dislike the buddies as “wow”. There is no grievance coming from the Buddhist world because of the calmness of Japanese religious views.


The journey time is only around 15 minutes.
Children of 3 years old who cried mischievously. For adults who are being raped.
Foreigners are cried out as “Monk! No!”


One of the best play equipment in Japan, “Hyakuninissyu” that was bred over 1000 years. Please enjoy the opportunity to be familiar with its original appearance at the HARUYA, a 100-year-old townhouse in international cities, Kyoto and Nara, with the nation’s most numerous national treasures.

□Outline of experience activity “Monk! No!”

  • Duration: whole year
  • Venue: All the HARUYA
  • Application: unnecessary
  • Cost: Free
  • Time: From 17 o’clock (subject to change, we will tell you at check-in)
  • Time required:around 15 minutes