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“Onmatsuri” which continues without interruption for more than 880 years since it began in 1136.


■Why is it called “Onmatsuri”?

If you think about it, it is like a funny story because in Japanese language “Onmatsuri” means only saying “festival” without saying “~ festival”, but because its long history, famous and representativity, it has been called “festival” without saying “~ festival” since ancient times.


■What is the point?

The most famous event that happened during the 880 years history of “Onmatsuri” is that “Noh” was born. In November 2001, “Noh” play was recognized as the first issue of UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage and became a Japanese the world admit entertainment. It is not well known that the place where that “Noh” began is actually “Under the pine tree” of the “Onmatsuri”.


“Pine” drawn on the Noh stage is actually this “Kasuga Shadow Pine Tree”. The present pine is a substitute for recent years. “Noh” was born from “Pine’s lower formula”. Both Kanami and Zeami who made “Noh” were here.

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■Where can we see it?

A very long queue walks for a very long distance, so we sometime lost where is the best to look, but recommendation is around the “1st Torii”. We can see the sword skill of “Yagyu Shinkageryu” and the spear of “Houzouin” which became famous for manga “Bagabond” in front of “Kasuga Shado Pine”. Besides, the traditional matrix full of customs ranging from the Heian period to the Edo period passes.


■What is the best recommendation?

“Senkounogi (The ceremony of transfection)” to be held on December 17, midnight. No matter whether it is late at midnight or extremely cold, we definitely recommend you to visit. It is possible because only stayed from the previous day. Photography shooting is prohibited, not a spectacle of sightseeing, but it is carried out rigorously. In the first place, “Onmatsuri” are not designed to be “easy to participate” but for representative appreciate for “Kami” in “Shinto” Way.


Of course, you can meet lots of deer in the road. It is only about 15 minutes from “HARUYA Naramachi | Town house of Shouya Yashiki” to “The 1st torii”.

    • Holding date and time: Every December 15 to 18 (Main ceremony is 17th. There are various events from July. Please see “Official Onmatsuri Site” below for details)
    • No application required
    • Onmatsuri Official Site:http://www.kasugataisha.or.jp/onmatsuri/o_index.html
    • Free of charge
    • from “HARUYA Naramachi | Town house of Shouya Yashiki” to “The 1st torii”

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