Winter solstice

Posted by はる家 on 2018-12-22 in HARUYA

[Season’s hot bath]

Winter solstice, the day becomes the shortest in one year.
In Japan, there is a habit of having “Yuzu-Yu (Japanese citron hot bath)” on the day of the winter solstice, so as not to catch colds.

A strong aroma of “Yuzu” is said to purify mind and body, exhaling evil. Also, as it takes time to become fruitful, it also contains the meaning of cerebrate for years of hard work.

Medically, “Yuzu” improves blood circulation and prevents cold.
Please spend a relaxing time feeling the season.

Schedule: December 21 (Fri) – 23 (Sunday) * Winter Solstice: 12/22 (Saturday)
Place: “HARUYA Umeitoji” Official website: https: //

From now on please enjoy “Season’s hot bath” in “HARUYA”.