Permanent awards ceremony

Posted by はる家 on 2018-12-29 in HARUYA

“Today, thank you very much for choosing” HARUYA “from among many accommodation facilities. Please relax after a moment at our inn. HARUYA all staff ”

A customer who is very much appreciated said “It is only you, Mr. Kobayashi, not ‘all staff’.”, Of course, in the sense of cheering messages, when the number of HARUYA is only one.

I answered that I am thinking that we can really be able to become “all staff”. There is a limit to what I can do by myself. She said with smile ” I’m supporting you”.

In the next few years, some stores increase and the number of employees increases a little, “We become “all the staff “really” she said like her thing I remember it well.

First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the customers who are interested in HARUYA until we can hold a long-awaited consecration festival. We will continue to devote ourselves to helping you further and more in the future.


Well, a long-awaited consecration awards ceremony. First of all, from the visit of Sentou Gosho Imperial Palace.
· Reservation in advance is necessary. (5 times in total, 9: 30, 11: 00, 13: 30, 14: 30, 15: 30)
· One of the staff of the Imperial Household Agency will guide us.
· A nice thing about 9:30 is that we can see the trees and flowers with the morning dew.

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Sentou Gosho Imperial Palace Official Website:
*Because of the security of Sentou Gosho Imperial Palace, we can not accept the substitute for reservation.


Next, we headed to Kyoto State Guest House in the north.
Kyoto State Guest House Official Web site:

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· Advance application is unnecessary. However, we can not visit the schedule of guests.
· It is an active guest house and has a security check.
· There is a free earphone guide lending service.


Finally, a dinner party at ‘Konoe Latin’ restaurant registered famous cultural property in Kyoto University.
‘Konoe Latin’ Official Web site:


At the front desk of “HARUYA”, there is an old document called “servant contractor” written in the Edo period. An era when employers and employers were courteous. We will continue to operate “HARUYA” in the spirit of “servant contractor”.