Goou Jinjya Shrine

Soon, it is a New Year.

Next year’s zodiac is a boar. Many people who can not wait for the New Year have already come to visit the Goou Jinjya Shrine in Kyoto.

The shrine is for Wakino Kiyomaro.
There is a famous anecdote that Kiyomaro protected the emperor from Doukyou without hesitation in the immediate fame and gain. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the invisible effort of many precious predecessors for the existence of today’s Japan.

It is okay to visit by just looking. It is good to quietly and seriously visit. Goou Jinjya Shrine is also irresistible for history lovers.

We hope you have memorable moment.

  • Required time: About 60 minutes
  • No application required
  • Goou Jinjya Shrine Official website:
  • Hours: 6:00〜21:00
  • Free of charge
  • “HARUYA Umekouji” to “Goou Jinjya Shrine”
  • “HARUYA Higashiyama” to “Goou Jinjya Shrine”

It is unnecessary to apply for this event.
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