Japanese traditional annual event called “Kakizome”, the first writing of the year.
As the New Year celebrates, we write poetry words or wishes and pray for improvement of writing skill.


Enshrined as a scholarly “Kami” of Kitanotenmangu, Sugawara Michizane, was admired for good writing skill named “Sansei” along with Sagatennou and Onono Doufu.


On January 2, a writing festival is held to pray for improvement of writing and arts. For the period from the 2nd to the 4th, many people wishing to improve calligraphy are visited every year to “Tenmagaki” which we can have the first writing in shrine site.




The paper we wrote at the first writing was on the fire on the 15th, “Sagicyo (Dondo)” festival. If the paper rises higher, the writing skill was improved more.


We are always impressed the passionate young children who wish to improve their writing skill.

Kitanotenmangu Official site:http://kitanotenmangu.or.jp

  • Date and time: January 2 to 4
  • No application required
  • Free of charges
  • How to go from “HARUYA Umekouji” to “Kitanotenmangu”

  • How to go from “HARUYA Higashiyama” to “Kitanotenmangu”

It is unnecessary to apply for this event.
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