Nanakusa porridge

A hundred years Machiya guest house ‘HARUYA Umekouji’ will hold a party for the guest to have ‘Nanakusagayu’ served for a limited time only from January 7th to 10th in 2019.


Origin of Nanakusa porridge
It is a custom that seven kinds of typical winter vegetables in early spring are made porridge. Each of the seven kinds of vegetables has a medicinal effect. It has a function to adjust the physical condition by touching the gastrointestinal tract which is weak in cold weather.



The next deployment

HARUYA will continue providing old-fashioned “good things” cultivated at Machiya, Japanese traditional architecture. A living of Machiya where Japanese traditional culture which gained high evaluation not only in Japan but also in the world was condensed. We will propose a lifestyle that will deepen you just by incorporating Japanese traditional culture a little in your usual life.


Next time

“Azuki porridge” is scheduled from about 20th January. Enjoy the wisdom of an old-fashioned life unique to the period of ‘Taikan’. We can feel a subtle warmth even in a severe cold season.

HARUYA Umekouji
4 MACHIYA Architectures with 100 years of history. Each of the four different MACHIYA have traditional Kyoto style. Close to Kyoto Station, walking distance to two world heritage sites (Toji, Nishihonganji). One way bus stop to major tourist attractions such as Kiyomizudera, Gion, Kinkakuji etc. 8 minutes by bus from Kyoto Station (15 minutes on foot).
Address:1-12 waki-cho Shimogyo-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN