Kojiki Trip | Takachiho

We are proposing a journey on the theme of Kojiki at “HARUYA” which provides traditional Japanese “good stuff” that lives in a 100-year-old Japanese architecture, called Machiya. Design and living of Machiya where Japanese traditional culture which gained high evaluation not only in Japan but also in the world was condensed. Following that roots mostly will reach at Kojiki. From Kyoto and Nara with “HARUYA” to the landscape of Kojiki. This time we show Takachiho.


Takachiho was the place where the body was cleaned after Izanami returned from the realm of the dead. At that time, Amaterasu Omikami was born from his left eye, from the right eye Tsukuyominomikoto was born, from the nose Susanoonomikoto was born.


When Amaterasu Omikami was hidden in Amanoiwato, the world becomes dark and dark.



The place where the Kami of Takamagahara gathered and was consulted “Amano Yasukawara”. The stacked pebbles seems to be Kami as they are now.


Takachiho has customs that decorate the tamele all year long.


After coming out of Amanoiwato, where Amaterasu Omikami lived is now Amanoiwato Shrine.




We can see the evening Kagura dedicated to Amano Uzumeno Mikoto who danced in front of Amanoiwato and Amanotajikaraono Mikoto who opened the Amanoiwato.



After the withdrawal of the country of Izumo, the land of the descendant where Niniginomikoto who is the grandson of Amaterasu Omikami came descended. Later Emperor Jinmu is eastwarded from Takachiho and reached Nara, Japan is established. Japan that is connected by the territory since the mythical era. We can actually follow Kojiki and see it.

“HARUYA” will continue to connect Japan’s old days with now and the future. From Kyoto and Nara with “HARUYA” to the landscape of Kojiki, HARUYA will propose a meaningful lifestyle with traditional culture.


100 years architecture called Machiya, HARUYA provides long established lifestyle in Japan. the world high evaluational design and livelihood of Machiya have inherited rich Japanese traditional culture. From Kyoto and Nara, 2 of national treasure holders in Japan, HARUYA supports the guests concern and respect each other.