Wakakusa Yamayaki

At “Nara park” walking distance from the 120 years Japanese traditional architecture “HARUYA Naramachi”, “Wakakusa Yamayaki” is held on the 4th Saturday of January every year. 100,000 people visit in a day.


On the day of the Yamayaki, in addition to the free public (Under Photo: “Deer Rice Cracker”) to climb Mount Wakakusa before the mountain-baked,



“Oodondo” that burns an old charm with a thank of a year,


There are plenty of places to see such as fireworks festival to be held in conjunction with “Yamayaki”, and nightly public release of the Nara National Museum visited after “Yamayaki”.


Wakakusa Yamayaki Summary

● Date and time of opening: The fourth Saturday of January every year 18: 30 ~
● Approximate require time: 30 minutes
● No application required
● Free of charge
● Model Course of the day
11:00 Depart “HARUYA Naramachi” → 40 min walk → Wakusakuyama free public → Wakakusa Mountain → 13:00 “OOdondo” → 18:15 fireworks launch, 18:30 “Yamayaki” → National Museum Nightly Open
● Place: Nara Park
“Wakakusayama-Yaki” Official WEB site
● 40 minutes’ walk from HARUYA Naramachi to Nara Park.

HARUYA Naramachi

More than 120 years of the village headman residence. Japanese garden, family bath, guest room with traditional Japanese houses have fully Japanese atmosphere. Located in NARAMACHI area with the townscape from ancient times. Walking distance to Deer Park, Great Buddha statue and five other World Heritage sites. 8 minutes by bus from Nara station (15 minutes on foot).
Address:31-4 Minamibukuro-cho Nara-shi, NARA, JAPAN