Mallet of luck

I00 years Japanese architecture, Machiya ‘HARUYA Umekouji’ holds “Mallet of luck” decorating in accordance with the season of Setsubun.


Mallet of luck is appeared in the famous Japanese old tale “Inch Boy” written about 700 years ago. If we pray our wishes and shake it, we are supposed to see things as we wish. We can see it in the “Garden Lounge” after the “Oni” has left in “Setsubun” season. For more detail, please check the picture book of “Inch Boy” is in the “Library”.



“HARUYA”, 100 years Japanese traditional architecture called Machiya, provides classic design and life style in Japan. With long established Japanese culture which gained high reputation in the world, from 2 international cities, Kyoto and Nara, HARUYA connect Japan and world’s past, present and future to understand each other and respect each other through the stay experience.

HARUYA Umekouji

4 different tastes of 100 years Machiya architecture are next to each other. 8 minutes by bus (15 minutes walk) from Kyoto station. Walking distance to two world heritage sites (Toji, Nishihonganji). One way bus stop to major tourist attractions such as Kiyomizudera, Gion, Kinkakuji etc. Long-established Kyoto style such as Japanese garden, lattice, round window, edge side are respectfully inherited.
Address: 1-12 waki-cho Shimogyo-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN