Deer Gathering

At the Nara Park, walking distance from the 120 years village headman residence, “HARUYA Naramachi”, we can see Nara’s specialty “Deer Gathering” which has been held since 1892 for a limited time period from February 9th to March 13th, 2019. When “Nara’s deer affair society” begins to blow a horn, many deer gather from the depths of the forest. It is a peaceful morning scenery of Nara that we can see there from 10 o’clock every morning.


We can visit from ‘HARUYA Naramachi’ on foot, and many people say “Oh, I’m glad to stay” when they come back. History is very old, and Meiji Tennou is also seeing in Meiji 40. Together with the morning work “morning worship” held at the World Heritage · Kasuga Taisha Shrine every morning from 9:00, we can visit a peaceful Nara morning in refreshing clear air.



Deer Gathering overview

  • Place: Nara Park Tobihino
  • Duration: February 9 – March 13, 2019 * Excluding every Monday, stormy weather
  • Starting time: 10: 00 ~
  • Required time: 20 minutes
  • Application: unnecessary
  • The Official Homepage of the Deer Association of NaraLink
  • Cost: Free
  • Model Course of the day
  • 8:00 HARUYA Naramachi →9:00 Kasuga Taisha Shrine ‘Morning Worship’ → 10:00 ‘Deer Gathering’
  • From “HARUYA Naramachi” to Tobihino

HARUYA Naramachi

120 years of the village headman residence, “HARUYA Naramachi” is. Guest rooms with traditional Japanese houses have fully Japanese atmosphere. Located in NARAMACHI area with the townscape from ancient times. Walking distance to Nara Park, Great Buddha statue and five other World Heritage sites. 8 minutes by bus from Nara station (15 minutes on foot).
31-4 Minamibukuro-cho Nara-shi, NARA, JAPAN