Straw craft work

Works of “Straw craft Takubo” arrived from Takachiho. At Takachiho, there is a custom that people decorates a new year sacred shrine rope all year round. We can see works of “Straw craft Takubo”, inspired by the sacred shrine rope, in the “HARUYA Umekouji” guest room where 4 different tastes of 100 years Japanese traditional architectures are next to each other.
Straw craft Takubo Official website:

100 years Japanese architecture called Machiya, “HARUYA” propose a journey on the theme of Japanese mythology “Kojiki”. From Kyoto and Nara to the great landscape of “Kojiki”, for more details and photos of Takachiho, please check at our special site (LINK).

HARUYA Umekouji

4 different tastes of 100 years Machiya architecture, “HARUYA Umekouji” is. 8 minutes by bus (15 minutes walk) from Kyoto station. Walking distance to two world heritage sites (Toji, Nishihonganji). One way bus stop to Kiyomizu Temple, Gion, Kinkakuji etc. Long-established Kyoto style such as Japanese garden, lattice, round window, edge side are respectfully inherited.
Address: 1-12 waki-cho Shimogyo-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN