Cherry Blossom

10 minutes walk from the 100 years Japanese architecture, “HARUYA Higashiyama”, bicycle rent is also recommended for Kamogawa river strolling.

100 years classic architectures in the city of Kyoto and Nara, [HARUYA] update official web site to be familiar with Kyoto and Nara. We hope it can be helpful for you.




HARUYA Higashiyama

100 years Japanese architecture called Machiya, “HARUYA Higashiyama” is. Located at Kyoto Higashiyama area, more than 12 million people visit in a year, it is within walking distance to Kiyomizu Temple, Gion and Main shopping district. 15 minutes by subway from Kyoto station. In the morning and evening, we can walk along the small river and enjoy a pleasant stroll.Address: 542-4 Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN