100 years Japanese architectures, HARUYA are happy to help you with your celebration. To make special occasions more special memories, with designs and shapes of classic NIPPON, original name for Japan, HARUYA are willing to help your smile and deepen your bonds.


Japan has the largest number of established companies in the world. Among them, Kyoto has more than a thousand established establishments over 100 years old. HARUYA could propose Japanese gifts according to your request. Please enjoy the time of your choice while imagining the smiling faces.


Auspicious forms

There are many auspicious forms that have been cherished in the classic Japanese architecture. HARUYA will do our best to make your trip a memorable one, such as the birthday or anniversary of your loved ones.


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The 100 years Japanese classic architectures, HARUYA escorts you the long established Japan, in original name NIPPON. In Kyoto and Nara, the two ancient capital of Japan,  we would like to help the guest understand each other, respect each other for now and future.