“Manyo” Book Corner Opening

At 4 different tastes of 100 years architecture, “HARUYA Umekouji”, and at 120 years of the village headman residence, “HARUYA Naramachi”, commemorating the new era / Laiwa, the Manyo Book Corner have opened. A collection of recommended books from “Manyoshu”, ranging from introductory manga books to commentaries on great songs. On this occasion, we hope the guests enjoy “Manyoshu”. It is available 24 hours a day and the guests can bring books to the guest rooms.

Place: HARUYA Umekoji (Kyoto. Umekoji), HARUYA Naramachi (Nara. Namachi)
*The recommended books of “Kojiki” corner collected on the theme of “Kojiki travel” is also there. Please enjoy it together.


HARUYA Umekoji

4 different tastes of 100 years Machiya architecture, “HARUYA Umekoji” is. 8 minutes by bus (15 minutes walk) from Kyoto station. Walking distance to two world heritage sites (Toji, Nishihonganji). One way bus stop to Kiyomizu Temple, Gion, Kinkakuji etc. Long-established Kyoto style such as Japanese garden, lattice, round window, edge side are respectfully inherited.
1-12 waki-cho Shimogyo-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN

HARUYA Naramachi

120 years of the village headman residence, “HARUYA Naramachi” is. Guest rooms with traditional Japanese houses have fully Japanese atmosphere. Located in NARAMACHI area with the townscape from ancient times. Walking distance to Nara Park, Great Buddha statue and five other World Heritage sites. 8 minutes by bus from Nara station (15 minutes on foot).
31-4 Minamibukuro-cho Nara-shi, NARA, JAPAN