Five color beans

Posted by はる家 on 2019-05-03 in HARUYA

The 100 years classic architectures, HARUYA has adopted a new logo based on the motif of “Five color beans”.

Considered to have the power to repel evil, “bean” symbolizes “health” and “soundness” in Japanese language. In Kyoto, there is a custom of giving ” Five color beans ” as an auspicious thing for a family celebration.

Beans contain a new life that sprouts from early spring to fresh green in a small grain. All of us with the same philosophy, with designs and shapes of classic NIPPON, original name for Japan, HARUYA are willing to help your smile and deepen your bonds.




The 100 years classic architectures, HARUYA escorts the guests the long established Japan, in original name “NIPPON”. In Kyoto and Nara, the two ancient capitals of Japan, HARUYA help the guest understand each other, respect each other beyond the country for now and future.