Monk Ceremony

HARUYA Selection

No extra charge for the monk ceremony experience activity.

Chion-in temple is famous for  bells, and every morning you can experience free work.”I’m interested, but I don’t have much time.You can experience it at ease even for those who are “anxious or able to do well for the first time”.

[Peace of mind for beginners]
There is a book for lending, and I will chant with the monk.Many people, including children and foreigners, can be visited early in the morning.

* 10 minutes walk from “Kyoto House”
* Even at the start time of the sunrise, it is possible to participate on foot.We will guide you carefully, such as the detailed path to the venue.

  • On
    Every day, the chapter talk is held in accordance with the time of the sunrise and the morning ritual.It is about five o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in winter in summer.
  • Turnaround TIME 100 minutes
  • No need to apply
  • Introduction of Chion
    “Namu Amida Buddha” and intoned will be saved equally.A 10-minute walk from “Kyoto”, the Chion is famous for the bells of the eve of the day, and every morning you can join us for free in any sect.
    See Chion official Website >
  • What to experience
    First, 20 minutes in the Amida Temple, forty minutes of ritual at Goeidou.There is a sermon of about 40 minutes following the memorial of Goeidou.
    There are many people who have never been to visit the memorial.Because the Clerk will guide you to the temple even in the early morning, you can participate in peace of mind for the first time.
  • Free of charge
  • Model course of the day
    5:30 “Kyoto House” departs → 10 mins walk → 6:00 chion
  • From “HARUYA Higashiyama” to “Chion-in Temple”
    You do not need to apply for this activity.
    If you have not booked your stay, please make a reservation.
    If you have not booked your stay
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