Mountain Worship

HARUYA Selection

No extra charge for the Mountain Worship experience activity.

One of the most famous mountain in Japan. We can walk with sneakers while wearing casual clothes, to the greatest view of Kyoto city. Course from 2 hours to 3 hours for beginners to intermediate people. Locally selected as a kindergarten excursion, it is a time to be familiar with nature, history and tradition.

【Easy for beginners】
* It is elected as a kindergarten excursion locally. Safe course even with children.
* From walking “HARUYA Higashiyama”, you can get back in about 2 hours to 3 hours on foot.
* We can walk with sneakers while wearing casual clothes.

We will guide you in detail, such as the waypoints and detailed paths on front desk.

  • Date and time: Everyday(Except for rainy weather)
  • Time required: 120min〜180min
  • No need to apply
  • Introduction of Daimonji-Mountain
    Rich nature that has nurtured the high sensitivity of Japanese people. There are clauses that “Daimonji-Mountain are visible” in the strict scenery regulations of Kyoto city. Daimonji-Mountain has the Event that tells the end of summer to the ancient capital Kyoto “The fire of GOZAN”. Many are evergreen trees, so we can visit anytime in spring, summer, autumn, winter.
  • What to experience
    Actually, we can climb it very easily. We can go by light trekking that takes less than an hour to the part of that “big” letter. It is the world heritage, Ginkaku-ji Temple that just hits the mountain climbing. Please enjoy the spectacular scenery that the ancient city Kyoto has kept protecting.
  • Free of charge
  • Model course of the day
    9:00 “HARUYA Higashiyama” departs → Nanzenji Temple → The path of philosopher → Ginkakuji Temple → Daimonji Mountain → 12:00 around “HARUYA Higashiyama”
  • How to go from “HARUYA Higashiyama” to “Daimonji Mountain” Mountain Climbing
  • How to go from “Daimonji Mountain” Mountain Climbing to “Daimonji Mountain” top

We do not need to apply for this activity.
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