HARUYA Higashiyama


Immortal view

In the afternoon crowded too much, but in the morning there is not anyone yet. Deep breathe with fresh morning air, we start walking to a gift from 1,000 years ago. In the precincts of a World Heritage site, we have gruel gentle porridge, and for souvenirs we have a sandwich of a long-established bakery. It’s modest, but a warm spring. We awoke with cherry blossoms that ancestors also visited in the past.

□Photo: Kyoto Okazaki, 7 minute walk from HARUYA Higashiyama




Room Types



Private Twin Tatami Room (Toilet | Washbasin | Shared shower)

Rooms with renovated 100-year-old wooden architecture have private washroom and washbasin in the room. Although it is simple, it is a construction that can fully enjoy the charm of “HARUYA Higashiyama”. From the lattice window which conveys the change of sunshine, we can feel the emotion unique to the MACHIYA.

Facility: Air conditioning / Wifi connection / Restroom / Wash basin
Shower is shared.
Reserve this room・20%OFF 2 or more nights


Private Twin Tatami Room (Shared toilet and shower)

Guest room located at both ends of MACHIYA narrowly and deeply nestled, called “eel’s bed”. People passing by, shadows moving with time remind the transfer of history. Decorative shelf and Kyoto handmade crafts add calmness and elegance.

Facility: Air conditioning / Wifi connection / Reading light
Shower and toilet are shared.
Reserve this room・20%OFF 2 or more nights


Private Twin Tatami Room (Shared toilet and shower)

A dormitory type Japanese room with bunk beds. It is recommended for the guest who want to private stay while keeping costs low. We hope the guests have enjoyable unique MACHIYA stay.

Facility: Air conditioning / Wifi connection / Reading light
Shower and toilet are shared.
Reserve this room・20%OFF 2 or more nights


Mixed Dormitory Room (Bunk Bed in 4-Bed)

The most reasonable dormitory room (shared room). Three faces are partitioned by walls. We can use it safely even for a woman traveling alone. Ideal for single travel, couples, groups. In addition to security and privacy, the MACHIYA atmosphere calms the mind.
Facility: Mixed / Private Curtain / Reading Light / Air Conditioning / Wifi Connection / Personal Outlet / Security Locker
Shower and toilet are shared.
Reserve this room・20%OFF 2 or more nights



Check in / Check out

● Check-in time is 16:00. Check-out time is 11:00.
● There is no curfew after check-in. The guests could go out and come back freely.
● We could keep the luggage before check-in time and after check out time.
● The guests can pay with cash  at check-in. Credit cards are not available.


Stay in the historical architecture of Japan

In the “HARUYA”, the appearance as it was built about 100 years ago is kept in conformity with modern life. Old glass doors, plaster walls, Kitchen called “OKUDOSAN” in SHINTO way with familiarity, Old Well… HARUYA escorts you deep Japan spirit.
Although there is a drawback that the stairs are steep, sounds and voices are easy to echo, we accept children aged 3 and over to help children learn how to respect each other in Japanese way. Come and visit HARUYA to be familiar with the original charm of MACHIYA unique to Japan ordinary traditional life style.


“Street garden” that connects the old days and the present

“Street garden” which is a typical feature of MACHIYA.
From the entrance to the inner garden of the back, the aisle is straight. The biggest effect of the “street garden” is that the outside is incorporated inside. It is a symbol of a traditional Japanese spirit that leaves attention for compassion and care for others within the mind. In recent years, as convenience regarded too much, “street garden” tends to be renovated. HARUYA has been carefully preserved as a thing to convey a Japanese spirituality.


Free service


WiFi connection|Library Area|All rooms are air-conditioned|Women’s separate toilet | 24H shower room|Shampoo · Rinse · Body soap|Hair Dryer | A self-catering kitchen|Free drink|Toaster|IH cookware|Microwave|Pot|Refrigerator


Paid service(Tax excluded)

Towel set(Face towel・Bath towel)JPY200|Toothbrush JPY100|YUKATA, Japanese leisure wear JPY300|Washing and drying machine JPY600|Bicycle rental JPY500



HARUYA does not serve meal, but there are plenty of dining around HARUYA such as Shijo, Sanjo, Gion, Kiya machi, and Ponto cho. We show the delicious Kyoto food culture such as KAISEKI and OBANZAI, in addition to bars, cafes, and good bakeries for takeout.


Brewed coffee and bread of a famous shop.

【Lubacasable ルバカサブル】(1 minute walk)

Open: 7:00〜19:00(Breakfast〜11:00)
Closed: Open Everyday

A Set(Pan assort)JPY 500
B Set(Croissant)JPY 500
C Set(French toast)JPY 500

Bakery where we can enjoy the luxuries unique to bakery cafés by freshly baked bread.



It is a famous shop along the tree lined road of Shirakawa river where GEISYA visits.

【Yamamoto cafe やまもと喫茶】(5 minute walk)

Open: 7:00〜17:30(Breakfast〜11:00)
Closed: Tuesday

● Menu
Morning Curry Set JPY 850
Toast Set JPY 500
Croc Mush Set JPY 680

Popular breakfast is unusual Morning Curry Set. All the Set comes with a salad drink.



Speaking of “OBANZAI” in Kyoto is here. It is a well famous shop.

【Masuda ますだ】(15 minute walk)

Open: 17:00~21:00
Closed: Sunday

● Menu

It is a representative shop in GEISYA street.



Experience with the most unique, recommended, reliable spirit and skill. HARUYA will show the opportunities that have been nurtured over the years, which is not exhausted even if you come visit many times.


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Monk Ceremony

Monk Ceremony

Real prayer time to experience in one of the most famous places in Kyoto. We can experience monk ceremony for free every morning at Chionin-temple, famous for the new years bell. Many people who have never been visited are participating. Please do not hesitate to visit.

Public Bath

Public Bath

Public baths culture in traditional architecture. When we pass through the goodwill of a tasteful building, we can see stunning tile paintings of the changing room. It looks like a movie of "Spirited Away" (by HAYAO MIYAZAKI).

Mountain Worship

Mountain Worship

Do you know that you can climb easily to famous capital mountain in Kyoto? With adults taking less than an hour trekking feeling, you will be able to stand in a great view over Kyoto city. It is safe even with your children.

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Sake Brewery

Both the production quantity and the quality are the best sake brewery in Japan, you can experience Japanese liquor sake. Japanese sake with a deep relationship with SHINTO. It is a great way to understand Japanese culture deeply.

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Another Kyoto with KIMONO. You can take memorable pictures of the trip.

Price 3,500 yen (excluding tax) | Starting time 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 | 7 days prior to application | cancellation after arrangement is impossible. Change / cancellation is 100% cancellation fee.

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Making Japanese Sweets

Experiences while taking a lecture at a well-established famous store are also recommended for children.

Excluding New Year's holidays | Price 2,500 yen (excluding tax) | Time required 60 minutes | Up to 14 days before application | Change / cancellation is 100% cancellation fee.

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Tea Ceremony

Japanese people also want to learn the spirit of tea. You can be familiar with the tea ceremony while taking a lecture at a specialty shop.

Fee 2,500 yen (excluding tax) | Time 60 minutes | 7 days prior to application | cancellation is not possible after arrangement is completed. Change / cancellation is 100% cancellation fee.

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HARUYA has several branches in Kyoto City and Nara City. Please be careful not to make a mistake with sister branches when visiting. The location information may not be displayed correctly except the official website. Please check our official website.



Access from the nearest station

When using the subway Tozai line “Higashiyama station”

Postal code 605-0026
542-4 Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, KYOTO, JAPAN

HARUYA General Reservation Tel: +81-75-533-3310 (8:30-14:30/16:00-21:00)


By Train

3 minutes walk from subway Tozai Line “Higashiyama station” entrance 2.


By Taxi

We recommend MK taxi or MIYAKO taxi. Please tell “To Higashiyama station exit 2”.


By Car

Kyoto city is very crowded. Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, consecutive holidays such as Golden Week and New Year must avoid using private cars and use public transportation. About 15 minutes from Meishin Express “Kyoto East IC”.

※There is no parking lot preparation. In case of coming by car, please use the parking lot in the city.


Parking information

● Times AWATAGUCHI 粟田口

Number of cars that can be parked is 17.
Monday~Friday: Maximum price per day JPY 900 yen (until 24 o’clock)
Saturday・Sunday・Holiday: Maximum price per day JPY 1800 yen (until 24 o’clock)
※The maximum charge applies on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.
※Please note that maximum fee may not apply for Saturdays, Sundays, and congratulations at other parking lots.
※Credit cards accepted.
※ It is 10 minutes on foot from “HARUYA Higashiyama”, a bit far away. Although it is in a slightly confusing place, it is the cheapest in the neighborhood, and the maximum charge applies on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

【How to get to the parking lot】
【From the parking lot until “HARUYA Higashiyama”】


Reservation by telephone · Inquiries
HARUYA Guest Relations: +81-75-533-3310(8:30-14:30|16:00-21:00)