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HARUYA has several branches in Kyoto City and Nara City.
Please be careful not to make a mistake with a sister shop when visiting.

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HARUYA in Kyoto

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HARUYA Higashiyama

15 minutes by subway from Kyoto station.More than 100 years old Machiya guest House.Located at the foot of Kyoto Higashiyama, more than 12 million people a year, it is within walking distance of the popular attractions such as Kiyomizu Temple, Gion and temple.In the morning and evening, you can walk along the small river of Shirakawa and enjoy a pleasant stroll.

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8 minutes by bus from Kyoto Station, 15 minutes walk.More than 100 years old Machiya guest House.In the early morning, I worked in the World Heritage Site, Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.From the evening, we went to Kyoto’s unique public bath.A city bus can also take you to popular attractions such as Kiyomizu Temple, Gion and Kinkakuji.

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8 minutes by bus from Kyoto Station, 15 minutes walk.A 100-year-old townhouse.You can also use the shared space of the adjacent sister store.There are 3 rooms with Mitarai and a sink.Activities such as the name of the bath in the morning and Kyoto are enriched.Please spend time to rediscover Kyoto in the house Book.



8 minutes by bus from Kyoto Station, 15 minutes walk.The hotel offers 4 built-in 100-year Kyo Machiya and 3 lounges.In the garden, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves.All private rooms have a restroom and a wash.Walking distance to two world heritage sites.One access to Kiyomizu Temple, Gion and Kinkakuji.


HARUYA in Nara

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HARUYA Naramachi

8 minutes by bus from Nara Station and 15 minutes walk.The town building was built in the Meiji era of 120 years.There is a shower room, a restroom, and a wash room.The morning of the World Heritage and Kasuga Taisha shrine.From the evening to the historical name public bath.Nara Park, Big Buddha and five other World heritage sites are within walking distance.


Whole House Rent

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HARUYA Whole House Rent

As a place to meet the needs of the group travel with the child, we hope to use it to live the beautiful Machiya to the heart.After check-in at each machiya, you can spend free time in the entire building without a curfew.

Telephone Reservations and inquiries
Reservation +81-75-533-3310 (8:30-14:30 | 16:00-21:00)