Management philosophy

What is the/cross-partial management philosophy?

 The management philosophy is the basic idea of what this company is for and what the purpose of this management is.Define what the value of the company is, and identify what the company should contribute specifically to its community and national society, namely the significance of the company’s service of service.

Management philosophy of the/cross-partial house

(1) We will take the heart of Japan culture, convey the impression, promote mutual understanding of the international community, and contribute to the creation of an attractive community that is the foundation of its survival.

We will be able to acquire the international World (national), the International, and to contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding of the worlds for the first time by acquiring the attainments of the culture of the home country and Japan culture.The soil that nurtures the culture of the home country is in the community.There is a great history of Japan culture, and the flow is a gathering of diversity in a small area of every village and town.Continue to question the significance of culture, cultivate a rich to shape the attractiveness of the community, and to show mutual understanding and respect in the international community, to build the true peace which does not depend on politics and the economic arrangement, and to achieve the coexistence and the mutual prosperity of the human race on the intellectual, Mental trust relation. It is one of the best contributions that we can do, “the house” we think.

(2) We aim to become aware of our social mission, live as a subject in the workplace, and continuously grow as a human being.

It is at one point that we share the basic principles that exist as an organization called ‘ The House ‘.And the meaning of working together is that if people gather, they will be able to do things that individuals cannot do.In other words, we can contribute not to society alone.The workplace that can work up to the conscious of the social mission is ‘ house ‘. As a personal and collective competence for the same social mission, the various qualities of man, not the object (the one to be relied upon) but the subject (the existence of which is to be relied on), will realize all the possibilities that lurk in us, We will find out what is best for solving problems and achieving goals.For the ‘ house ‘, profit is not the right purpose of company management.In a workplace that occupies the majority of life in order to realize a worthy cause of the basic idea, we set the standards for high-class jobs, try anything, learn a lot from the mass of failures, and the ‘ house ‘ will advance our growth as the only driving force.



What is the/cross-partial creed?

The company’s motto is to nurture the corporate culture and provide for the purpose of ensuring a healthy management structure.The spiritual and material ideal of corporate management is defined throughout the whole of social life.In other words, it is a business regulation of the enterprise.


The characteristics of the motto of/cross-partial “The house”

“The house” is a relatively new company, but has been a model of the old-established words and business law as an example when formulating the motto of the house.There are companies that continue to contribute to the public interest within a very small number of companies that are enduring, over 100 years old and have long-established goodwill for centuries.We have learned the principles of management related to the words and business law of each old-established.

House motto

  • The employee does not think the company’s inconceivable (MEI), the asset, and the thing of the own until the husband.One generation, the name is for.The company is a public institution.You should caught the body to a positive place, and you should be able to axe yourself,[1] Tomo (Hobai) and Mutsumi (happily), and lead the company to good.The thing of the world is to know man’s road, and to clarify the road of the person who has the affinity.This is a book, and the sum is a cornerstone.This is the line of the verse.Greg Formal.If the sum is Greg, it becomes trag[2]edy (admit).It is said that the verse is moderately.The morning and evening should greet each other as appropriate.It is necessary to always conduct the [3]good caught, and mutually advance the Jin, and defend the Evil (Shiyau) at all.The caregiver is kept from the predecessor, the Inconceivable (MEI) is not stained, the successor is brought up, and the former ability (it is) is defended.

  • The profession is done, and it is not 懶 to the status all things without doing the occupation.Status to the company, there is a quantity in person, there is a degree to oneself.If you greg to the minute limit, everything will be naturally evil.The old person is valued, and making (admit) is not recklessly in the district where the credit is unknown.However, it is new (crack this) every day.You should always koan in the commercial law.It is perverseness (fawning), and it becomes more and more (more and more) to the rich, and [4]the person should be thought to be nin than me.Kai (speak) if 傲世驕子 [5](please) not, it is the one to obtain the Heaven’s Yu (Help) from the self.It is necessary to handle the Kiyau politely to the visitor to the mind, and to the business of the small-scale (AKI), and to do the occupation (also to the professional).

  • The or of selling is made, and only the fortune of buying is the intention of the trade.If the profit is T (Freshlyground), the loss of the Fortune (the work has come) is lost.Past to the profit multi-wins in the intake of the prospect of a bull, and without knowing the reason for so altruism (Kinoe) never persistent Nagahisa prospect.The Nan of the near-term is not stray, and it is necessary to carry out the righteousness of more in anticipation of the far end line.There is profit in the future if it regretted after selling it.He is in the middle of selling goods.It is regretted to sell, and the secret of the Merchant and Nonoshi (well) know, and it is necessary to make it to the person and to think that it will nagahisa saf[6]ely (immediately).Anyway, you should prefer the natural benefits.T (Freshlyground) unworthy is a business of injustice to rip off.It is necessary to worldly the reason of the so altruism, and to have the t[7]ruth (Tokujitsu

[1] A co[2]-worker is a g[3]ood mercy.Humble co[4]mpassionate Retreat.Respe[5]ct for a modest person, sincerity that his deeds wi[6]ll be able to be precisely [7]modest

  • The company has a Saihi of expenses.It does not remember in January, and it leads to the end of one year, and the one that the ransom is averaged to the end of three years gradually extinction the misfortune (Saihi) and the name is attached to the day.Without knowing, alright[1]y to luxury (dust), to spend money and not when.It is the origin of greed and the fire that Kinoe.This fire becomes prosperous, the body and the company are burnt, and the person is dropped into the flame.If you are to avoid this raging, you should know that yo[2]u can take the cloud of[3] Folly Idiot (obscurantism) and open the eyes of truth and be worthy.When water is Afghanis, it is a profit.When it is FU, it is dangerous.It is not jioufen, and it is necessary to know enough.It is not skinflint (Rinsh[4]oku) and saying.It becomes the first knowledge that it is not possible to do the thing in the status, and not to overwork the barrel thing.You should be able to enter theSuffering is a kind of easiness, and easiness is a seed of suffering.

  • The sandaoying of the god Chanchen, and if it becomes a thing to the education of the life safely of the person, it is sure not to seem to be sparse.To the example, Daikokuten is the god of fortune.It is good to make it by Bridge (today).It is the mind which lives under the foot of the person, and the body is spreading, and the hood is pushed from above.The upper eyelid is made thick and the mind which does not see above is seen under.In the case of Rice Nii, it is not worth knowing.Smile and laugh is the heart of people’s charm.It status well wisdom wisely, and it does not show to the person by wrapping it in the cover and the hiding hat, modesty, an[5]d Shinge, and the She (the enjoying) is eaten without the he[6]art of the [7]black rice.The luck the hand is made to work without carelessness, and the fingered (Hanks) start, and the bag is thought to be a precaution which does not let the possession of the barrel.On the other hand, the three roads are evil to repair the body even if it lacks.You should enjoying the items if you need to hone your mind, cultivate yourself, and set up [8]a company.

  • I love the beauty of the heart and favorite the beauty of things.When it comes to clothing, the vessel, beauty, and beauty Kinoe the eyes of the person, there is a person who finals.In the status, there are a few people in the past.Mezurashiki goods, tools, and beauty products are useless.Both sexes, Aidai-epidemic (Seifu Nyanbazi) [9]is useless.Jian is a virtue.It is near to Skinflint (Rinshoku) at the time of becoming[10] large jian.It is necessary to wear the dire[11]ction enough even in[12] the possible.It is a unworthy thing to do describe (describe) though it is a highlight if it is bad tailoring.This is the Nonoshi of the heart.

[1] It is a complaint to live beyond the necessity a[2]nd status.Not to be able to distinguish the re[3]ason, to be able not to open knowledge, and to Moshimi e[4]xcessively to the reason of things.Treat [5]over a stingy minute.Luxurio[6]us luxury.On。Advise[7]d luxury.Be free.Crowded the m[8]ind to the thing which likes to endure.The distinguishing be[9]havior of the color pattern that is funky[10] with the same feelin[11]g and the refreshing of the body in the Manners and Customs footn[12]ote 5 of the fashion of the wo[13]rld now to do the utmost.Everyday life.

  • Without Kinoe, you should get up in the morning Rutsuki.It is necessary to know the road of the person when born with the person, and oneself (axe) be cured.It is natural to the person approximately, and no phase of the hungry.It is a phase of poor sleeping without late Kinoe.Opening a company ahead of other companies represents the company’s study and one way to gain credit.The person who goes is sure to walk in front of the company if it becomes convenient for the cleaning ability (all) of the company and traffic.The person who goes is not to be careful, and the person in the vicinity always suggests the appearance of the company, and it is nec[1]essary to know the heart lived to be surveying.Commercial commitments should be avoided verbally and entertained.This person should be drawn to the credit.It becomes a close friendship with the Sendo ahead, and it is natural, and the trading Lightly (Karugarushiku) (Tadashiki) is turned to the positive bedding (Bunking).In general, it is caught to be polite and Seinana to deal with it.Open a company early every morning to Kiyau a person’s visit.

  • Right, the question of the company’s Creed.This outside, it is difficult to put in detail, paper brush.In the Nonoshi of this article, it is important to know the details of the matter.This article is a place to note, not a knack of being out of self at all.Approximately, the story of the long-established (downloading) is touched, eyes are kept Kizuki to the ear, the company is defended, the road is valuing, and it is inserted to the bottom of the heart, and usually (usually) is done.恐惶 Shing.


B. Rooster (year) Kisaragi (Kisaragi) 15th

[1] Distinguishing behavior.Everyday life.



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Internal seminars

In order to enhance the desired product knowledge, technical skills, and motivation to form the company slogan “Touch NIPPON.”, we have established a bright and enjoyable opportunity to learn regularly and continuously in-house.Regardless of the number of years of service, it is possible to participate, including employees during the trial period of several months after joining the company without distinction of partner and regular employees.


In the house, a regular employee is called “facilitator”.The boss is often thought to be the one to command the subordinate from the top, and it is not so, and supports it from the bottom, and I value the mind of taking care of it in the people.We learn together so that we can take care of each other in a high level.

Partner Employees

In the House, the word “permanent employee” is not used to begin with.It is said, “regular employee” except the case that it is not said by the term understood to the general public like “appointment of a permanent employee”.Part-time workers are not good at all.It is said, “partner employee” and “regular employee” to work together for the purpose of the same one management idea.

Permanent Employee Appointment

For a long time, it is thought that it is preferable to do a permanent employee appointment from among the partner employees who have studied together in the place of the serious game of the office, and to have learnt the joys, and to employ the person who does not know without seeing in the house.

It is open to all employees who wish to be able to contribute to the world widely, without the division of partner employees and regular employees, as well as the opportunity to learn about department transfers performed for educational transfer purposes.

In-house newsletter

In-house research meetings and the important thing that the president wants to convey by all means.The contents selected from a wide range of fields such as the information of the monthly tradition event and the recommendation book are distributed to all employees without the division of the partner employee and the regular employee.We are committed to maintaining a business philosophy that is the cornerstone of our businesses, as well as an academic research stance so that we can maintain a sustained high competitive advantage by the non-copycat core competence (the resources and capabilities that only the company possesses).

Three Month interview

The house aims to cultivate the view of society through working, and to develop a long-term personality through the place of the company’s learning.For the ‘ of the red, I hope to be able to do at the level more than being requested that it will be requested before that is requested.Under the slogan of “Touch NIPPON.”, we have been conducting personnel appraisal interviews once every three months to ensure a place for continuous learning and to respond to the public.
House Employment Information