HARUYA Co. LTD is 12 years old company. The probability (company viability) remaining 10 years after the incorporation of the company is said to be 6.3% (by National Tax Agency survey). If 100 companies start a business, it will be 6 companies left in ten years. Admittedly, the business environment has changed dramatically over the past decade, and the speed of change is increasing every year.

The company’s survival rate is 0.4% after 20 years of incorporation. It is almost all bankrupt in 100 companies, 4 companies left in 1,000 companies. HARUYA Co. LTD, 12 years old company, faces the very harsh reality, and keeps challenging for the next ten years.

We believe that “Touch NIPPON.”, as a corporate slogan, is a 100-year, 1,000-year business that does not end in ten or twenty years. Since 99.98% will disappear within 30 years, the company’s survival rate is 0.02% or less after 30-100 years. What can we do today with the aim of one company that 2 of 10,000 companies? It seems to be a beyond for the company of the 12 years old, but we are looking forward to the future, and continue to devote ourself to the basics.

Make a finite and valuable life more meaningful. We delight to effort for the guests and their ancestors life happiness. Hope we could help understanding each other and respect each other.

Yuki Kobayashi, representative of HARUYA Co. LTD.


HARUYA Naramachi

Opened in 2017

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HARUYA Co.LTD opened to HARUYA Naramachi, in Nara city.

As a place of Japan birth, the values that became the backbone of Japan culture sprouted in Nara and developed in Kyoto. The birthplace of Japan culture, SHINTO philosophy is the origin regression for HARUYA Co. LTD that the “Touch NIPPON.” is listed in the corporate slogan.

n KANJI character, “NARA(奈良)” means “Show good things greatly”. This opposite word is “Naraku (奈落)”. It means “hell” by saying “Shows bad things greatly”. To summarize, “Nara” is “heaven” (“Pure Land” in Buddhist philosophy) in this world, “Japan’s ideal state”.

It is the name that the Japanese ancestor wrote with a desire to make an ideal country at the time of the foundation.

What “Japan’s ideal state” is? All of their aspirations and attempts remain in Nara as they are now.

The History of HARUYA

HARUYA Co. LTD starting with the opening of the first HARUYA in Kyoto in 2011, we have continued to open the HARUYA Umekouji, and HARUYA Naramachi. We delve into the region’s unique history and culture and provide the opportunity to deeply touch Japan’s spiritual culture.

And the new HARUYA was opened in Nara, the home of Japan. We will contribute to the creation of a new market that is not a scramble for existing markets, to create a meaningful Japan tourism, with farmers, fishermen, people who are involved in manufacturing, and those who have inherited traditional culture.

HARUYA would like to show you real Japan culture with a high quality of stay space in traditional architecture design.