Companies that introduce Japan to the world

The house is a company that introduces Japan to the world.By trying to convey the merits of the Japan, the Japanese are able to learn more about the Japan and deepen international exchange, and the world aims to become peace.We want to be able to communicate with people all over the world and to be more helpful in the global arena by thoroughly managing the principles that the House is important to and having good management.We sincerely welcome your participation in the work of sending Japan culture to the world.


Application Guidelines

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The house aims at the work environment where human growth is shown by taking advantage of the characteristic of each other.I evaluate the contents of each work, the attentive, the smile, and the greeting neatly.What is important is your motivation.Regardless of the division of Employees and part-time jobs, we promise to kirihirakeru new possibilities as we grow more and more to serve our customers.

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/cross-partial store staff wanted.

In the house, all of us work together in teamwork.It is a place where one team can participate independently and be able to rely on their work to do one thing more and grow.We always think about how much we can contribute to satisfy our customers.There is a growth for each staff, and new possibilities such as a career improvement and a raise increase rapidly.You can also join partner employees, work part-time, grow further, and promote to regular employees.

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/cross-partial Employee classification

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/cross-partial Recruiting Job Store staff

Job description (1) Check-in service for overseas people and outside Kyoto Prefecture.

      (2) Cleaning service to greet the room full of cleanliness

      (3) Telephone service to answer inquiries by telephone

Salary hourly payment of transportation expenses

* Raise test (business evaluation, writing, interview)/once every three months.
* The hourly rate changes during the training period (three months after joining the company).

/cross-partial Application Information


Each shop houses a work place.It is a work place with a history architecture of 100 years built.

Period of work (6 months or longer)

It is a shift system by one month of work hours.Store Opening Hours: 8:30-14:30/16:00-21:00

Working conditions 2-5 days a week.Please consult the time and day of the week that suits your lifestyle.

Treatment Uniform Rental

 Raise Promotion System

Employee Discount System available

There is a permanent employee appointment system.

Partial payment of transportation expenses * according to our regulations

Social insurance System

Qualifications for applicants 18 years and older

Inexperienced people welcome

Welcome to our long-term career development.

Welcome welcome.

College students Welcome

High school students Welcome

Married Welcome

Not experienced welcome

People who can work on weekends and holidays welcome

Long-term Welcome


/cross-partial Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Because it is the first time to work at the accommodation, I am a little uneasy….

A is okay.We support all staff so that they can learn the work properly even if they are inexperienced.

Training and manuals are also substantial.You can be familiar with Japan culture through your daily work, as well as for customer service and tourist information.

Q. Do I have to speak English?

It is better to speak of course, but it does not have to be the same level as the native.

Because the training and the Manual of English conversation are substantial, it is possible to improve English ability through work for those who want to become able to speak English more.

Q. Is there an internship period?

A training period is provided, but it is possible to get used to the office quickly and enjoy working

I support it well.

Q What is the evaluation?

A. Not only to learn about business activities such as customer service and room cleaning, but also

It also becomes an important point whether teamwork is well taken.

It is fairly valued whether the customer is useful,

Based on the evaluation, there is a chance to raise and promote every three months.

Q What kind of clothes do you work for?

A house is a severe place to appearance.Don’t dye your hair, don’t make a funny haircut,

Do not take a sloppy appearance and attitude.

The front desk staff wears jackets and the cleaning staff wears an apron.

Q. How do I pay for my salary?

A bank transfer will be made at the end of a month and 10 days.

Q How much do you ask for shift of work?

A balance between home and schoolwork is important for a job.

Students who can only work on Saturdays and Sundays, and mothers who can only work until the evening, their lifestyles

You can work together.Please inquire at the interview.

We sincerely welcome your participation in the hope of contributing to the community.


How to apply

Application Form > Submit button you can apply.(24-hour reception)

Flow after application

STEP1: Application

First of all, please apply from this web site.

You will receive an email with the schedule of the most recent meeting.

Please feel free to contact us to adjust the dates.

STEP2: Interview

The recruitment selection is based on the information at the time of the interview.

STEP3: Joined

The employment contract is concluded, and the training starts finally.

Please bring a resume with a photo at the time of the interview.

* Interview schedule is negotiable.

* Please note that we will not return your CV.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.(Please contact us during business hours.))

Contact: House Co., Ltd.

Tel: 075-533-3310 (Reception time 8:30-14:30/16:00-21:00)