Monk Ceremony

Every morning, Monk Ceremony can be experienced for free at Nara’s most famous temple, National Treasures / Jyurin-In. “I am interested, but I do not have much time” “I wonder if I can do it for the first time …” We can feel free to experience it.

【Reliable for beginners】
There is a warranty card for lending, and we will chant the song along with the priest. A lot of people including children and foreigners can visit despite early in the morning.

※ “HARUYA Naramachi” 10 min walk
※ Even at the start time of 8 AM, it is possible to participate only by walking. We will guide you carefully, including detailed paths to the venue.

You can spend a lot of time cleaning the National Treasure Hall and the precincts. The experience “I’ve hung miscellaneous National Treasures” will surely be memories of your life.

  • Required time: 60 minutes
  • No application required
  • Introduction of Jyurin-In
    Nara’s old temple, Jyurin-In which has a history of more than 1,000 years. Anyone can participate for free in any morning work done in the morning at the National Treasures / Jyurin-In Main Hall, which is a 10-minute walk from “HARUYA Naramachi”.
    Official website of the Jyurin-in:
  • Experience content
    (1) Experience work: 8:00 to 8:30 (easy cleaning in the precincts, participation is optional)
    (2) Duty: 8:30 to 9:00
  • Free of charge
  • Model Course of the day
    7:45 “HARUYA Naramachi” → Walk 10min → 7:55 Jyurin-In → 8:00 Experience work → 8:30 Duty → 9:00 Jyurin-In Departure
  • How to go from “HARUYA Naramachi” to Jyurin-In

It is unnecessary to apply for this activity.
If you do not have a hotel reservation please only book your accommodation.
For those who have not made reservations
Reservation by telephone · Inquiries
HARUYA Guest Relations +81-75-533-3310(8:30-14:30|16:00-21:00)