First Antique Market

This is the largest antique market in western Japan.

On the 21st of every month, an antique market is held at Toji, Kyoto.
The vast precincts are not only antique, but 1,200 to 1,300 shops, with about 200,000 visitors each month.

Why is it so popular?

  1. There is a rule that the seller should not sell fake fakes as real.

If the seller lie, the seller will not be able to store.If the shop says, “It is Rosanjin”, it is really a rosanjin vessel.Because there is a trust of the World Heritage, Toji, you can buy the “first antique City” in peace.

  1. The discount is from the other side.

Even if you don’t discount a word, most of the times, the shop will give you a discount.If you think “I want” even a little, let’s ask “how much” obediently.”▲ ▲ yen, burn…It down from the other side without permission.It is a good study, too, because the one not bargain is really the price.It is impolite to ask for a price even if I do not want to buy it, so stop.

  1. A real curio dealer is coming to peddling from all over the country.

It is a genuine antique dealer who set up the shop in not the amateur but all over the country in the store.You can also visit your favorite shops at a later date.December is an old poem, and January is exhibited from the antiques that are stocked in various places, such as Hina dolls, and seasonal items.

Kobo City, an antique city held in the World Heritage and East Temple.The name of the Kobo Kukai is because the 21st day is the festival of Kobo.For those who missed the Kobo city on the 21st of every month, the same curio city “Tenjin City” is held at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine on the 25th of every month.We wish you all the best to connect with the future and now.

      • Date/Time: 21 days early morning, around 5:00 ~ 16:00 (around sunset)
      • Duration: 90 minutes to 120 minutes
      • No need to apply
      • Introduction of Kobo City
        Especially in January, the Kobo city is called “Shoko Law (Kobo)” and December, “Kobo (Kobo)”, and the product assortment is more than usual and can be requested at a bargain price.
      • Cost Precinct Free
      • 10 minutes walk from the house Aqua
      • Model course of the day
        7:00 “The house Aqua” departs → 10 minutes walk → Toji
        Early departures are recommended.The local antiques dealer in Kyoto is also the first in the morning.
      • View the official web site of World Heritage Temple Toji

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