Kasuga Mountain Worship


Lush nature and stone Buddhas of the Heian era.

World heritage · Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest.  A 2 hour to 3 hour course for beginners to intermediate people, chosen as a senior group excursion for kindergarten. Be familiar with nature, history and tradition.

【Reliable for Beginners】
* It is a safe course even with children. It have been chosen locally for the kindergarten senior’s excursion.
* We can return to “HARUYA Naramachi” in 2 hours ~ 3 hours on foot.
* Clothes are casual wear and sneakers.






On the way, you can visit a lot of stone Buddha in fact, more than 900 years ago, from the Nara era to the Heian era. Many are evergreens, we can visit anytime in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Detailed course information on the front desk is available.

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  • How to go from “HARUYA Naramachi” to “Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest”


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