Public Bath

Public bath is not included in the price setting.
When we visit a public bath, we will need to pay a fee of 430 yen per person at each public bath.

As long as to go public bath, we have free bicycle rent. We hope every guest have the memorable time.
* We are lending free bicycles to protect the culture of public bath. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

A public bath where we can enjoy a leisurely time away from dairy busy time.

There are many traditional public baths in Kyoto. A neon sign, stunning architecture and artistic tile painting.There are many things that are difficult to reproduce any longer. Enjoy the atmosphere of the entire public bath.

■ Introduction of Public Bath

【HINODE-YU 日の出湯】(4 minutes by free bicycle rent / 12 min walk)
As we go east from the World Heritage, Toji Temple, a small sign of “HINODE-YU 日の出湯” will guide you to a side street. It is exactly the representative public bath of Kyoto.

  • Opening Hours: 16:00-23:00
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Bathing Fee: Adult (from Junior high school students) 430 yen
  • How to go “HINODE-YU”

【KOTOBUKI-YU 寿湯】(6 minutes by free bicycle rent / 15 min walk)
Not only the tasteful exterior appearance, but the interior that covers the entire bathroom with tasty tiles are the spectacular views. It is a traditional building with a high roof and a plaster wall.

  • Opening Hours: 15:00-23:00
  • losed: Monday
  • Bathing Fee: Adult (from Junior high school students) 430 yen
  • How to go “KOTOBUKI-YU”

We do not need to apply for this activity.
If you have not booked your stay, please make a reservation.
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