HARUYA Morning Porridge


100 years Japanese traditional architecture, HARUYA has the opportunity to be familiar with Japanese culture through Japanese staple foods ‘rice’. Delivered from HARUYA own rice field, with salt for Ise Jingu, tasting grace of rich four seasons of Japan, HARUYA Morning Porridge is for you.



The Root of Life


Yamato words

In Japanese language, the rice is pronounced ‘Ine’. ‘I’ of ‘Ine’ has the mean of ‘Life’. ‘Ne’ of ‘Ine’ has the mean of ‘Root’. ‘The root of life’ is the mean of the word ‘Ine’. Other than that, for example, in Japanese language, the well is pronounced ‘Ido’. ‘Do’ of ‘Ido’ has the mean of ‘coming’. ‘The life is coming’ is the mean of ‘Ido’. These traditional Japanese words have been called “Yamato words” from ancient times in Japan, and have been handed down since the days of “Kojiki” book and “Manyoshu” book, which were published 1000 years ago.

Country of ‘Mizuho’


A trip on the theme of “Kojiki”

Another name for Japan is called ‘Mizuho’. The “Kanamesai (October 17th)”, which is grateful festival for the rich harvest, and the “Ninamesai (November 23)”, the harvest festival, are national holidays deeply rooted in life today. The origin of Japanese rice farming goes back to the myth of “Kojiki” book. The HARUYA Morning Porridge, which proposes a trip based on the theme of “Kojiki” book, uses natural salt dedicated to Ise Jingu.

Seasonal Taste


Seasonal Blessings

“Nanakusagayu” prays for one year of sickness. “Azuki Beans” on the day of “Winter Solstice” (around December 22), the shortest day in the year. “Green beans Porridge” that we can enjoy with the greenery that sprout from early spring to fresh green. We offer the HARUYA Morning Porridge with rich blessings from the four seasons of Japan. (As of July 2019, HARUYA Morning Porridge is only available at “HARUYA Umekoji” in Kyoto. We are currently preparing to provide it in all stores soon.)
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