Mountain Worship

Japanese people have specific respect for the mountains. It is the same as faith and has felt a sacred sensitivity in the mountains. A superb view of history and nature. Despite being within a short distance, we can get close to nature and enjoy a time of history and tradition. Walk through the course for beginners and intermediates with everyday wear as a light trekking.



Amazing view of Kyoto


Mt. Daimonji

Mt. Daimonji is famous for the ‘Okuribi’ festival on August 16th. It is very easy to climb the path to the superb view overlooking Kyoto city. Walk as a light trek that takes less than an hour to reach the large ‘大’ character.
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Amazing view of Nara

Mt. Wakakusa

Mt. Wakakusa, symbol of Nara alongside a deer and a big Buddha, it is a place loved by both local preschool children and kindergarten children. In January, more than 40,000 people visit in a day for ‘Yamayaki’ festival. Please experience the scenery where the nature and the history of Mt. Wakakusa blend together.
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The world heritage trek

Kasuga primeval forest. Walk for 2 to 3 hours for beginners and intermediates. We can walk on sneakers while wearing normal clothes, watching over the 1200 years old Heian period stone Buddha. Locally, this place is chosen as an excursion for seniors in kindergarten and is surrounded by history and tradition.
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