[Late June] Kyoto Ishimizu Hachimangu

At Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine, which is written "Ishimizu" instead of "Iwamizu" and reads "Iwamizu", it is crowded with many visitors by visiting the "Ring of The Rose" installed in front of the main shrine, which is newly designated as a national treasure.When the character of "eight" drawn by the emoji of the pigeon is cute, the seal of the topic is also popular.In the hope of health and happiness in the second half of this year, you can check the installation status that varies from year to year on the Ishimizu Hachimangu official website.

Ishimizu Hachimangu

● Period: June 15-30
● Visiting hours: 5:30 – 18:30
● Application: Not required
● Cost: Free
● Ishimizu Hachimangu Official Site Natsukoshi's Great Exorcism Ring
● Ishimizu Hachimangu Takatakakai official site
At the Reverence Society of Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine, you can receive various benefits throughout the year.
● Model course of the day
8:50 [Haruya Higashiyama] – 15 minutes on foot – 9:08 JR Nara Station (timetable, Sakurai Takada direction) – Train 25 minutes (330 yen) – 9:33 JR Miwa Station – 5 minutes on foot – 10:00 Ogami Shrine – 12:00 Lunch Morimasa – 13:00 Miwayama Climbing (or "Mountain Side Road" Walk) – 15:30 Sanmorosugi – 16:00 Miruro – 16:31 JR Miwa Station (timetable, Nara direction) – 17:01 JR Nara Station
● From [Haruie Higashiyama] to [Ishimizu Hachimangu] (60 minutes)

● When visiting Ogami Shrine, take a walk around the "Miwa mountain climbing" of the sacred body and the oldest old road in Japan , "Yamabe no Michi".Miwa Somen (from 800 yen) is a specialty of miwa in Morimasa, an old house located beside Nino Torii.Nara's local sake "Sanmorosugi" and the specialty "Mimuro (from 850 yen)" are widely used as staples.


Traditional events in Kyoto and Nara



You can see each official site from the link.

The festival execution date is not held every day.
[Nara] Kasuga Taisha 9:00 Morning worship (morning worship schedule)

At Kasuga Taisha every day, morning visits are held.This is called "Chohai", and anyone can participate with peace of mind without the need for a reservation while receiving the guidance of a priest."Kasuga" is said to be a word with the prefix "ka" in "suuga" of "suuga".Please pay a visit early in the morning to taste the cleanliness of the best in Nara.

May 1 – September 30 (Kyoto) Kamogawa Cool Bed

1st [Kyoto] Kamigamo Shrine 9:30 Monthly Festival
1st [Kyoto] Shimokamo Shrine Monthly Festival
1st [Kyoto] Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine 10:00 Tsukitsuki Matsuri
1st [Kyoto] Heian Jingu 9:30 Tsukishu Matsuri 18:00 Kyoto Firewood Noh
1st [Kyoto] Yasaka Shrine 9:00 Water Shrine Festival
1st [Kyoto] Kibune Shrine 11:00 Kibune Matsuri
1st [Nara] Ogami Shrine 10:00 Monthly Festival
1st [Nara] Ishigami Shrine 10:00 Monthly Festival
3rd [Kyoto] Kitano Tenmangu Lightning Removal Festival
5th [Kyoto] Heian Jingu 8:30 Jinen Free Public
5th [Kyoto] Prefectural Shrine Agata Matsuri
5th [Nara] Classy Temple Town Shakashaka Festival (National Selection Intangible Folk Cultural Property)
7th [Kyoto] GionSeikai
7th [Nara] Kizuki Shrine – Yasaka Shrine around 8:00 a.m. Key snake roll (national selection intangible folk cultural property)
8th [Kyoto] Prefectural Shrine
9th [Kyoto] Kitano Tenmangu Miyato Festival
9th [Kyoto] Kitano Tenmangu Kitano Seikashiwa Festival
10th [Kyoto] Kamigamo Shrine 10:00 Mitaue Festival
10th [Kyoto] Fushimi Inari Taisha 13:00 Taue Festival
13th [Kyoto] Shimokamo Shrine 13:00 Firefly Tea Party
14th [Kyoto] Yasaka Shrine 19:30 Gokagura dedication
15th [Kyoto] Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine 10:00 Monthly Festival
15th [Kyoto] Heian Jingu 9:30 Monthly Festival 10:30 Sake Festival
15th [Kyoto] Yasaka Shrine 10:00 Annual Festival (Grand Festival) 14:00 Evil Ojisha Festival 15:00 Dedication Ceremony
15th [Kyoto] Myoshinji Torin-in Sara Soju public until 30th
15th [Nara] Ogami Shrine 10:00 Monthly Festival
15th [Nara] Ishigami Shrine 10:00 Monthly Festival
16th [Nara] Riskawa Shrine 15:00 Saegusa Festival, Evening Shrine Festival
17th [Nara] Ogami Shrine 10:00 U no Himatsuri
17th [Nara] Rategawa Shrine 10:30 Saegusa Festival, Annual Holiday
18th [Nara] Rategawa Shrine 10:00 Saegusa Festival
19th [Kyoto] Heian Shrine 9:30 Monthly Festival
20th [Kyoto] Kurama-ji Bamboo Cutting Ceremony
20th [Kyoto] Gohana-gai Joint Traditional Performing Arts Special Performance
21st [Kyoto] Gohana-gai Joint Traditional Performing Arts Special Performance
21st [Kyoto] Yasaka Shrine 10:00 Joban Shrine Festival
21st [Kyoto] Toji Kobo City (Antique Market)
21st [Nara] Kasuga Taisha 10:00 Seasonal Festival
23rd [Nara] Ishigami Shrine 10:00 Suesha Toido Shrine Annual Festival * If you would like to attend, please contact us in advance.
25th [Kyoto] Kitano Tenmangu GochiTsu Matsuri Ochi no Wakuguri Tenjin City (Antique City)
25th [Nara] Ogami Shrine 10:00 Mitaue Festival
30th [Kyoto] Kamigamo Shrine 10:00 Natsukoshi Shinto ritual 20:00 Natsukoshi Daiei Ceremony
30th [Kyoto] Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine 10:00 Natsukoshi Daisuke (Mizunozuki Daisuke)
30th [Kyoto] Heian Shrine 16:00 Natsukoshi Daiei Ceremony
30th [Kyoto] Yasaka Shrine 15:00
30th [Kyoto] Kitano Tenmangu Natsukoshi's Great Exorcism
30th [Kyoto] Fushimi Inari Taisha 15:00 Oei-shiki
30th [Kyoto] Kibune Shrine 11:00 Natsukoshi's Great Exorcism Ceremony
30th [Kyoto] Awada Shrine 16:00
30th [Nara] Kasuga Taisha 15:00 Natsukoshi Daiei Ceremony
30th [Nara] Ogami Shrine 15:00 Natsukoshi's Great Exorcism Miwa no Wajin Shinto Ritual
30th [Nara] Kashihara Shrine Natsukoshi Daisuke
30th [Nara] Ishigami Shrine 13:00 Kamikento Gomatsuri 17:00 Natsukoshi Daiei Ceremony

Haruya Higashiyama

Haruya Higashiyama

[Haruie Higashiyama] conveys the "front house building" of the Kyoto townhouse and the employment and housing of more than 100 years.Located 15 minutes by subway from Kyoto Station and more than 12 million people a year, it is within walking distance to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Gion, Nanzenji Temple, etc.In the morning and evening, you can enjoy a refreshing walk along the River Shirakawa.
Location: 605-0026 542 Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 4https://yado-haruya.com/higashiyama

Haruie Umekoji

Four Kyoto townhouses built more than 100 years are next to each other [Haruya Umekoji].Close to Kyoto Station, there is one bus in addition to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Gion, and Kinkakuji Temple.There is a "street garden" unique to machiya, and it conveys the appearance of traditional Kyoto such as tsubo garden, delaying, circular window, and veranda.
Location: 600-8834 1,12 Wake-cho, Shimokyo-ku, Kyotohttps://yado-haruya.com/umekoji

Haruya Naramachi

More than 120 years old, the Shoya residence in Nara has been built.It conveys the appearance of traditional Japanese houses such as Japanese gardens, family baths, and rooms with verandas.Located in the historic town of Naramachi, it is within walking distance of Nara Park, Daibutsu-den and five other World Heritage Sites.It is an 8-minute bus ride from Nara Station (15 minutes on foot).
Location: 630-8342 31 Minamibukuro-cho, Nara 4https://yado-haruya.com/naramachi

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